Guru Overwhelm by Tristan Bull

Published: 28th April 2011
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The issue with the majority of these “easy traffic” courses is the fact that they usually don’t produce the ’1000's’ of visitors after you've attempted to put it into action. After spending many hours in front of the computer trying to figure out how to use the latest software (if your lucky you might get some training) or else you may be trying to implement the dozens of different techniques that the guru's have told you work like a charm.... what do you end up with?

I promise you that the guru's are not sitting at there desks for hours on end, trying to get a handful of people to check out their site. As the guru's do, you too need to work smarter and not harder, to get your website overloaded with traffic. There are a lot of different ways to make that happen and I coudl guarantee that out of the 20 different traffic generation courses that you have purchased - not one has given you all the information, nor have they given you all the training... guaranteeing your failure from start to finish.

After you are handing over $1,997 on a single (or a few) “high end” targeted traffic courses but seeing really little additional visitors to your site then there is something definitely going wrong. And if it continues, you will lose additional cinome as you attempt to learn how this “traffic game” functions.

There’s definitely nothing worse than becoming excited about some new traffic generation software, expecting key results from it, and falling miles short of your target!

This phenomena of setting goals but, under no circumstances, reaching those goals is widely recognized as 'Goal Choking’ - exactly where your objectives actually overwhelm your ability to reach them, and it was place in place by the guru’s as a result of one thing that Tristan Bull likes to call “Guru Overwhelm”.

Look, right here is the truth: the law of attraction and all that other mumbo jumbo was an approach intended to get men and women to buy courses - it isn't a course of action that teaches you how to get traffic correctly and then afterwards lets you generate constant results (like generating floods of targeted visitors!).

Well here is a news flash, Tristan Bull has developed an intense coaching series that targets the heart of the flawed goal setting systems and shows you ways to use one that works and creates positive results for your business. But there is a lot more included in the course than just targeted traffic generation - Tristan exposes all the slick guru promotion tricks as he explains the epidemic sweeping the internet marketing community - referred to as “Guru Overwhelm”.

His promise is incredibly straightforward and simple: he will assist you to simplify your business model so you'll be able to concentrate on building a healthy income (and not being conned by each and every guru promoting their new item). Knowing the how, what where and why behind all internet mareting tactics and strategies is the key to success and Tristan will show you all that and more inside Guru Overwhelm.

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